My Question:

My favorite movie of all time now is The Greatest Showman.  It appeals very nicely to my creative spirit.  Especially appealing to me is the song A Million Things.  We see a young P.T. Barnum painting a picture of the life he wants to create.  The entire movie can be summed up by the song.  The Greatest Showman is creating in his mind the life he wants to live, and the world around  him calls him crazy.  He experiments, he fails, he makes mistakes.  In the mean time there’s a world around him actively works to destroy his dream.

It used to be that I felt guilty taking so much time and money on movies and theater.  I always felt like my energies and resources on more productive things.  It was escapism after all.  It really troubled me until one day while I was praying I felt like God was prodding me.  It occured to me that as humans, we are created in the image of the Creator, and our creativity is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest of Creation.  We imagine things that are not, and put our energies into making them into things that are

But here’s a question;  Is it possible, as creators who are created in the image of the Creator, that we are obligated to take our creative spirit and apply it to our lives? Could it possibly be that the most common failure of men is that we live our lives rather than create our lives.  I did go to Bible College, but it must be remembered that I dropped out, so I most can’t possibly make any assertion of doctrine.  This is merely a what if?


So This Blog is an attempt to begin the process of creating my life rather than live it.  Currently it’s in a rough draft.  I expect it to grow and evolve, but I haven’t just jumped in with no plan.  Rather I’ve gathered together some of my resources and learning and I’ve attempted to piece together some building blocks.  Years ago when I was in my positive affirmations phase I heard a speech that was given by a largely successful entrepreneur.  I don’t remember his name, (I believe his last name was Leadbetter) but he stated that life could be divided into 4 priorities all begining with the letter F.  They were “Faith”, “Family”, “Finances”, and “Fitness”.  I’ve made that a part of my philosophy if not my practice for the last 14 years.  In most recent years, a newer mentor of mine expanded it and added 4 more priorities still beginning with F.  Those are “Freedom”, “Friends”, “Following” and “Fun.”  As this blog progresses, It is my hope that I will expound on each of these and use them to develop myself that I can be proud of, and perhaps if you, dear reader can come away with something useful.  Then I can also be glad to have helped.


So this is the first post in the first step.  As the good Doctor would say on my favorite television show of all Time